PIEX is a distributor of health, beauty and wellness products, mainly present in Africa. With a catalogue of more than 1000 references, PIEX maintains a privileged link between the upstream manufacturers and the downstream actors of the supply chain: pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers.

In order to meet the expectations of its partners, PIEX offers a set of “a la Carte” services in a framework approved by the health authorities and customs and in compliance with good Distribution practices.



With our integrated offer (market analysis, registration, Distribution, Promotion, regulatory monitoring), we offer a one-Stop-Shop solution to the African health and wellness market.


African markets require an ability to react, anticipate, adapt in an extremely fast manner. Resolutely looking to the future, listening to the markets and taking calculated risks, we answer to your specific requests with an adapted and personalized offer.

Strict independence

PIEX is a wholly independent company at the service of its customers, its suppliers and its shareholders, of which it serves only the interests.


For nearly 40 years, PIEX has demonstrated its financial strength, the respect of its commitments, its capacity to grow despite the complexity, risks and volatility of a fragmented and sometimes unstable market. Today the company is investing to accelerate its development.


PIEX is part of a broader project to develop an “African Group for Africa” aimed at bringing to the greatest number quality health, beauty and wellness products as well as services at an affordable cost.


Bertrand Talbotier brings a double high-level expertise of the private sector (pharmaceutical industry, business consultancy) and the public sector (NGO, UNIDO, Council to States).

Bertrand Talbotier, President of PIEX Group


The acquisition of PIEX by LBO France and its management team is a major step in the implementation of our strategy, aiming to create a leading player in the distribution of medicines and health products.

The global project around PIEX aims at improving life and health in the targeted territories, bringing quality products and services to historically disadvantaged populations and countries. Our ambition is to develop an innovative, profitable, sustainable, respectful and exemplary model in its operational deployment. I am very honored to lead this project alongside LBO France and our other partners and to bring it to the expected success.”

Bertrand Talbotier

President of PIEX


Thanks to an integrated vision of the journey of health and wellness products, PIEX puts all its energy at the service of better distribution and better access to quality products.

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PIEX aims to become one of the first actors in the distribution of medicines and more globally in the supply of care on the African Continent.

In pursuing the objective of streamlining and simplifying the steps between manufacturers and the end customer, PIEX intends to become a major player in the short term in distribution and to allow equitable access to medicines, medical devices, health and hygiene products in Africa and beyond.

By its activity, PIEX is at the crossroads of many roads. Our suppliers are manufacturers located in Europe, Asia and America. When we qualify them as partners, we define together services that we offer “à la carte”.

Our wholesale and pharmacy customers reside mainly in Africa. We also consider them as our partners and are anxious to meet their expectations.

To meet their needs, we provide a wide range of medicines, food supplements, infant formulations and hygiene and care products.

We strive to provide a high quality, fast service with effective claims management.


Between manufacturers and our customers, we manage financial and product flows with over 50 import and export countries.

Piex Group Import/Export Activities in the World

A suitable Infrastructure

We ensure a storage that respects the rules in force, including Good Distribution Practices.

Entrepôt Piex Group
Piex Group - Warehouse 08
Piex Group - Warehouse 07
Piex Group - Warehouse 05
Piex Group - Warehouse 04
Piex Group - Warehouse 03
Piex Group - Warehouse 02
Piex Group - Warehouse 01

Our two warehouses of 6000 m2 and 5700 m2, located south of Paris, are in the immediate vicinity of the main roads, in a closed enclosure with secure access.

  • The warehouses have a bonded area
  • Unloading platforms are protected
  • The warehouses are at controlled temperature
  • Their storage capacity is 9000 pallets
  • They have a cold room
  • 1200 m2 are dedicated to non-medicines health products (cosmetics, dietary supplements, infant formulas, …)
  • A dedicated team, with almost 40 employees, mostly in the company for many years


For many years, PIEX has been able to develop partnerships based on trust and quality.

Almirall, partenaire de Piex Group
Faes Pharma, partenaire de Piex Group
Sandoz, partenaire de Piex Group
Ferrer, partenaire de Piex Group
Pharmalys Laboratories, Partner of PIEX Group
Unilever, Partner of Piex Group
Rogé Cavaillès, Partner of PIEX Group
Salvat, partenaire de Piex Group
Bayer, Partner of PIEX Group

Françoise Labedan, Directrice des Affaires Réglementaires et Pharmaceutiques, Pharmacien Responsable chez Piex Group

Doctor in Pharmacy, PED Galenic, MS in Marketing IAE.

Member of the Academy of Pharmacy, President of AFAR, Françoise has held management positions in Regulatory Affairs, Quality, and fulfilled the role of Pharmacist Manager within the international groups Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson.

Through her professional activities, she has developed a very wide network within the profession and national and European bodies.

Marc Letellier, Directeur du Business Développement de Piex Group

Graduate of AgroParisTech in biochemistry.

More than 15 years of experience in business development and consulting, 100% in the health sector, both pharmaceutical and MedTech.

Marc Letellier has a good understanding of the pharmaceutical market and environment with significant experience in high-growth markets, particularly in the Middle East and Africa.


Graduated from the "Ecole Nationale de Statistique et d’Economie Appliquée" and from the "Toulouse Business School".

Hervé has 11 years of experience in finance within the largest banks and consulting firms. He worked for almost 4 years in the financial department of the Eurapharma Group as Head of the Financial Audit Department.

Caroline Theimer, Head of PharmaCDI Business Unit

Graduated in Economics from Aix Marseille University.

Caroline founded and led for 28 years PharmaCDI’s teams, being one of the first companies to distribute medicines in Western Africa. She is a recognized expert on this zone, and she benefits from a dense network and an excellent reputation, that will now be put at the service of PIEX' growth in the region.


Graduated from the "Ecole Supérieure Nationale d’Arts et Métiers".

Reda, Supply Chain professional comes to us from the pharmaceutical industry where he held several positions in the Supply Chain department at Cooper Maroc until leading its destinies for 3 years.

Bertrand Talbotier, Président de Piex Group

DESS of the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy and MS Intelligence Marketing of HEC.

Bertrand Talbotier has more than 20 years of experience in various senior management positions in the pharmaceutical industry (in Asia and Europe), strategic consulting and management of non-governmental organizations in healthcare (in the United States and in Africa).

His areas of expertise include leading large business operations, strategic life sciences and wellness consulting, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, market access, business performance, digital transformation and business. regulations.

Bertrand Talbotier has a great expertise of the African continent in particular.