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Piex Group enhances its service processes and offers

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Along with new management team members and the addition of a new facility, Piex Group announces several enhancements to its service processes and offers.

As part of its continuous improvement and growth strategy, Piex Group adds two renowned experts to its management team and inaugurates a new facility. The changes aim at reinforcing Piex Group’s capacity to better serve partners and clients, improving the quality of service, and basing its growth ambitions on robust and sustainable foundations.

A leading distributor of medications and health products in Africa, Piex Group is committed to providing partners and clients with best of class services through a top-notch team and best management practices.

Piex Group Management Team Gets Reinforced

Important changes to the Piex Group management team:

  • Two proven industry professionals join the Piex Group management team:
    1. Reda Serssar, a Supply Chain Management expert, joined the team on July 1st as Head of Operations and Logistics. Reda is coming from the pharmaceutical industry where he held a number of positions within the Supply Chain department of Cooper Morocco. For the past three years, he was leading the department.
    2. Hervé Brou joins Piex Group as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer. With eleven years of experience in Finance at the most prestigious banks and consulting firms, Hervé headed Financial Auditing in the Finance department of Eurapharma Group for nearly four years.
  • In addition to these two key managers, Piex Group also reinforced its team with new competences (stock manager, process engineer, WMS expertise, Head of parapharmacy).
  • In July 2020, Ali Chenouna, who was supervising both Operations and Finance, will be stepping down to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. Ali will stay available to partners and clients until July 31st to ensure a smooth transition.
    1. On this occasion, Piex Group extends their warmest thanks to Ali for the immense amount of work he took on to transform Piex Group from a small enterprise onto a growing medium-sized company with modern management practices.
    2. Ali will also stay close to Piex Group as an advisor in the future.

Along with new management team members and the addition of a new facility, Piex Group announces several enhancements to its service processes and offers.

Piex Group is opening a new 4,700 square meters (50,000 square feet) facility that will increase current capacity of 6,000 square meters. Located at Villejust, 700 m away from the head office in Les Ulis, this new site consists of two areas:

  • 1,200 m2 is dedicated to Piex Group’s parapharmacy business (or “drugstore”: non-drug products sold in pharmacies). This section houses adapted storage, order preparation, and shipment. Operations started on June 30th.
  • 3,500 m2 will be allocated to storing medicines with the purpose of freeing space in the Piex Group warehouse in Les Ulis, where order preparation and shipment areas will be enlarged to improve processes and overall site fluidity. Start of operations in this newly established pharmaceutical facility is planned for August 15th (pending official authorizations granted by Health authorities.)

With this additional capacity, Piex Group will also be in a position to welcome new partners and stock new products with substantially larger storing and order preparation areas.

Bertrand Talbotier, President of Piex Group, declared:

“These announcements demonstrate our commitment for our partners to investing into our mutual growth for sustainable and long-term results, as well as our willingness and commitment to strengthen our strategic relationships, with the aim of improving access to quality medicines for the many in Africa.”

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