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Trocadero Capital Partners participates in the transmission of the PIEX group

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Trocadero Capital Partners participates in the transmission of the PIEX group
Trocadero Capital Partners, partenaire financier de Piex Group

PIEX is a pharmaceutical institution specialising in the distribution of drugs for export (mainly sub-Saharan Africa). Created in 1979 by its founder President Robert Jackson, the company is based in Les Ulis and ensures the exclusive distribution of medicines for European pharmaceutical companies (GSK, Novartis, P & G among the best known) in the markets Through local wholesale distributors. PIEX is authorised by the ANSM, National Agency for the safety of the medicinal product, as well as the National Agency for Sanitary Safety of food, environment and labour, anses.

The group has accelerated its development in recent years with a growing interest in laboratories for the very dynamic African markets. Beyond its exporter know-how, PIEX also takes charge of the promotion and regulatory affairs on behalf of its customers, the latter not necessarily enjoying local anchorage.

With 80m € of turnover and nearly forty years of experience in the sector, PIEX also aims to accentuate its presence in Anglophone Africa, as well as in the markets of Central Asia where it began a rapid development in 2015.

PIEX is taken over by its founder and current leader, Mr. Robert Jackson, by Bertrand Talboter and LBO France. Bertrand Talboter has nearly 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with a particularly marked African tropism. The round table is completed by BPI, BNP Paribas Développement, AfricInvest and Trocadero Capital Partners (which also arranges mezzanine financing for this primary deal).

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